Who We Are

We are committed to inspiring great performance in the utilization of technology to improve patient care and safety.

We strive to hard wire safety and positively impact cost within the medication use system.

We encourage collaboration with the goal of dramatically increasing value for the health system of the technologies employed.

We are the mediators between the pharmacy and the technology vendor community providing real world information for acquisition, integration and optimization.

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What We Do

We strive to assist busy pharmacy leaders in filtering through the volumes of technology and leadership information.

Our goal is to help pharmacy leaders gather and use the critical pieces of information necessary for making good technology decisions.

We help folks understand how different emerging technologies work together with new and existing systems.

We encourage the optimal integration of implemented systems by providing real world information to both the pharmacy and vendor community.

Our goal is to provide real world feedback to the vendor community for improvement of existing solutions and development of the next generation of technology tools.

We help pull users together and we help them get heard by the developers.

Our Mission

Technology Toolbox



IV Compounding

IV compounding is arguably the single most significant risk point in the hospital that continues to operate without technological safety advances in most organizations.

Recent entrants in compounding and tracking advance the safety options available to most organizations.

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Distribution & Storage

Medication costs continue to rise.

Organizations continue to leverage technology to reduce lost medications as they move around the building.

Inventory values continue to grow and managing those inventories are a major concern to hospital financial managers.

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Dashboard Tracking

New software tools on mobile devices make it easier to control everything from costs to care.

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Data Management

It has been said ‘You can’t management what you can’t measure’.

Hospital pharmacies have unprecedented access to data.

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emerging-technologiesEmerging Technologies

Looking for new ways to track your drugs around the hospital?

How about the latest tools for managing your 340B purchases?

Maybe you need to find that missing drug?

Find what you need to improve your pharmacy operations in this section of the latest and greatest!

Closed System Transfer Devices
Emerging Technology (2)
Emerging Technology (3)


Discover how newer technologies may help you manage costs.

Check out some of the best ideas we’ve found for cutting corners and controlling costs.

Watch for new ways to manage expenses using the technologies in your pharmacy.

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Our resource list of articles, books, web links, journals and what-not recommended by experienced Pharmacy leaders.

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Our resource list of articles, books, web links, journals and what-not recommended by experienced Pharmacy leaders.

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Our resource list of articles, books, web links, journals and what-not recommended by experienced Pharmacy leaders.

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Our resource list of articles, books, web links, journals and what-not recommended by experienced Pharmacy leaders.

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Hospitals that show us it can be done!

Featured Showcase: UCSF Medical Center Opens Robotic Pharmacy to Improve Patient Safety

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residency-projectsRESIDENCY PROJECTS

We salute and learn from some of the best management and technology residency projects in the country.

Featured Project:

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Look here to find all of the things you need to keep your pharmacy operational

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See a list of Unit Dose Packaging System sources and learn more about our Featured Source:
.Euclid Medical Products_Final Logo       Euclid Packaging Machine 2016 Jan

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Provides reports, consulting services, lecturers, and seminars which promote and facilitate wise development and sound deployment of medication-use automation.

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