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Simplifying the Complexity of Investigating Controlled Substance Diversions in Healthcare

HelioMetrics Rx Diversion Analytics can help in identifying drug diversion activity, accelerate your diversion investigations and reduce associated drug diversion costs.

• Proactive monitoring of all activity
• Early detection of potential diversion
• Early intervention of diversion cases
• Discourages diversion through education and awareness

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Have you added software to your controlled substance system that pulls data from several difference systems to increase your effectiveness in shutting down potential diversions yet?

Are you looking for an expert to inspect your controlled substance systems compliance and give you the inside scoop on what the DEA checks?

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Webinars, policies, procedures, articles, training videos, workflows, forms, tools and more. Great information from product end users.

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See the A to Z of frequently asked questions for controlled substance diversion prevention software.

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