WEBINAR – Drug Diversion: Identify System Weaknesses

Hosted by Heliometrics in Conjunction with NADDI*

Drug diversion is getting its 15 minutes of fame these days. Everywhere you look there seems to be an incidence of drug diversion that has become publicly known. Drug diversion puts any healthcare organization that dispenses narcotics at risk for lawsuits and low morale, not to mention the possibility of a staffing shortage and the expense of hiring and training new staff. It is a dangerous and expensive problem plaguing the nation’s healthcare system.

One of the ways to help detect drug diversion is to implement diversion detection software. Healthcare facilities may have automated drug cabinets that produce data about controlled substance transactions, but many diversion schemes are not detected through the random, manual auditing of those dispensing logs. HelioMetrics detects diversion by adding context to the transactions through behavior and providing the information in easy to consume visualizations to help reduce investigation time, strengthen corporate compliance and limit organizational exposure. This will allow you to understand your system weaknesses and allow for operational efficiency for quality and patient safety.

During this webinar, you will learn about:

Today’s visual analytics and statistical trending capabilities
How to scale your investigation staff without adding more FTEs
How to combat diversion with HelioMetrics

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*NADDI is the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators

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