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EQUASHIELD® was developed as a result of years of in-depth research, including assessment of potential routes of exposure, safety factors, and analysis of leading transfer devices on the market. The result is a completely airtight, leak-proof and user-friendly system that complies with the strictest aseptic technique requirements and guidelines set forth by NIOSH and OSHA.
EQUASHIELD’s syringe unit has two chambers, the proximal liquid chamber, and the distal air chamber that is located at the end of the piston. A dual needle system for the air-to-liquid exchange communicates with each chamber respectively. As the piston moves, one chamber’s volume increases, while the other chamber’s volume decreases by precisely the same amount. Consequently, any displacement of liquid from the vial is supplanted by an equivalent amount of air that is added to or subtracted from the vial.
A typical chemotherapy session requires the transfer of cytotoxic drugs from a vial to a syringe, and then to the infusion bag. The typical pressure disparity during drug transfer expels vapors, droplets and aerosols into the work environment, one of the main routes of exposure. Maintaining constant pressure equalization inside the vial, the EQUASHIELD® system prevents the escape of vapors and aerosols, providing full protection against these harmful elements.
EQUASHIELD’s design also relies on the proven concept of tightly sealed double membranes to keep connectors residue-free despite multiple entries.
The back of EQUASHIELD’s syringe unit consists of a durable, factory-sealed, sterile air chamber; making EQUASHIELD® the only self-contained pressure equalization drug transfer device on the market. This provides complete isolation of the vial while maintaining the sterile integrity of the medication. This unique feature makes Equashield® the only system to fully comply with NIOSH’s definition of a closed system (NIOSH 2004): it mechanically prohibits the transfer of environmental contaminants into the system and the escape of hazardous drug or vapor concentrations outside the system from all possible routes of exposure.
Plunger and open barrel contamination is a recent and growing concern. The possibility of syringe plunger contamination during routine drug preparations and IV pushes at hospitals has been evident in several recent studies. These studies indicate that high levels of drug residue remains on the open syringe plungers and cylinders of standard syringes. These residuals in turn contaminate gloves, gowns and the general work environment. Unlike other devices that use standard syringes with open cylinders and plungers, EQUASHIELD’s distinctive double jacket syringe enclosure makes it the only CSTD to address this issue and eliminate the possibility of exposure through the back of the syringe.
EQUASHIELD’s fixed, fully shielded needles provide the ultimate protection from accidental needle-stick injuries. Equashield provides a wide portfolio of compounding and administration products, designed to reduce the risk from accidental needle sticks during use. Due to EQUASHIELD’s simple and intuitive design, the closed system transfer device offers a shortened learning curve, making staff training a breeze. Intuitive connections and elimination of several time-consuming steps make this product ideal for both pharmacy and nursing.

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