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SCA Pharmaceuticals

SCA Pharmaceuticals, a nationally recognized FDA 503B outsourcing facility licensed in all 50 states, specializes in providing the highest quality sterile admixture services and pre-filled syringes to hospitals and outpatient facilities.

Utilizing an outsourcing organization such as SCA Pharmaceuticals, helps meet the demands placed on hospitals to ensure patients receive their medications on time and as prescribed.

The added values of working with an outsourcing facility include:
• Improving reliability of drug supply
• Helping reduce drug waste
• Minimizing medication errors
• Increasing compliance with drug preparation regulations, and
• Reducing labor burden associated with drug prep, among others.

SCA specializes in producing admixed products in the following areas:
• Operating Room Anesthesia Syringes
• Cardiovascular Admixtures & Syringes
• Pain Management
*Patient-Controlled Analgesia (PCA) in all devices
• Labor & Delivery Admixing Services
• Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Medication
• Oral Dose and Topical Syringes

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SCA Pharmaceuticals
8821 Knoedl Court Little Rock, AR 72205


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